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"Writing is manual labour of the mind: a job, like laying pipe." John Gregory Dunne

Warren Buffet summed up plain language marvellously in this “writing tip” in the introduction to the 1998 SEC Plain English Handbook: “Write with a specific person in mind. When writing the Berkshire Hathaway annual report, I picture my sisters, highly intelligent, but not experts in accounting or finance. They will understand plain English, but jargon may puzzle them. My goal is to give the information I would wish to receive if our positions were reversed”.

Business writing today includes everything from using iPhones, Blackberries and iPads to video-conferencing, instant messaging and email. But does this mean effective writing skills aren’t so important – absolutely not. In our fast paced business world the need for clear, concise business writing is more important than ever.

Information today needs to be focused, concise, accurate and compelling. People form opinions about you and your organisation by the way you write. Whether a memo, business letter or report – each one is a reflection of your professionalism.

This business writing course is for anyone who has to communicate in their work on a daily basis, writing letters, emails, faxes or reports, such as PA’s, secretaries administrative and managerial staff.



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