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Introduction to Feature Writing

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Introduction to feature writing / Freelance Copy writing course
Two courses a year - Feburary and October

Aimed at

Less experienced journalists, people in related media fields such as those who came into industry through their specific subject knowledge. People who want to break into the freelance writing world and also want to learn and improve their feature writing style.


The idea of this course is for the participants to produce at least two articles, possibly a profile and an issue story. The subject matter can be related to their current work.

The course will cover every aspect of feature writing from researching and interviewing to writing techniques. We will look at various subjects such as profiles, issues, humour, travel and investigative journalism. To get the most out of this course you must be committed to writing at least one article as the 'workshopping' part of the course is by far the most valuable.

The freelance world is growing in leaps and bounds and the idea of this course is to give the participants the skills and knowledge of the how to compete in this profitable market.

Successful journalism is about writing for your reader. This is a case of learning the correct formulas and putting them into practice.



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