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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) has been privileged to work with Marion for over 10 years. 

South African Depression and Anxiety GroupSADAG is the largest mental health NGO and patient advocacy group in South Africa and key to destigmatising mental illness and educating the public about mental health is exposure in the media.  Marion has helped the group to develop a powerful media image and relationship with the press that is vital to SADAG’s success.

Marion Scher with former Prime Minister of Norway, Kvell Magne Bondevik, Rebecca Palpant of The Carter Center and Zane Wilson of the South African Depression and Anxiety Support Group

Marion’s media coaching workshops have been highly effective and most appreciated by SADAG’s senior staff that frequently appear on television and radio. 

Marion has worked with passion for SADAG to highlight important issues surrounding the mental health of South Africans including Men and Depression, Suicide in the SAPS and Teen Suicide. Marion is a Carter Foundation Award Winner for her coverage and continual education around mental health issues and destigmatisation of mental illness and her work with SADAG has been inspirational and invaluable. 

Marion has done field research with SADAG’s outreach team on a rural trip training home-based caregivers, traditional healers and other community stakeholders, and has experienced first-hand the power of SADAG’s work.

Marion is dedicated and handles the sensitive issues of mental illness with thoughtfulness and consideration. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and her communication skills and ability to teach, coach and mentor have been outstanding.

Her passion, commitment and professionalism is unwavering and we consider ourselves very lucky to have Marion on our side. 

Zane Wilson 1 August 2007
Founder South African Depression and Anxiety Group




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