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New Year Newsletter - January 2012

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Firstly I want to wish all my wonderful clients, associates and friends a very happy and healthy 2012.  After two months in the fairest Cape it’s good to be back in buzzy Johannesburg ready for action.

Kingsley HolgateJudging by the training requests that are already coming in more and more companies are seeing the value of training their staff to reach their maximum potential.  Staff represent the face of a company and people form their impressions of an organisation from these people.  

One of the great joys of my job is definitely writing for the Sunday Times Lifestyle column ‘What I’ve Learnt’.  Last week’s issue featured the legendary South African explorer, Kingsley Holgate who was an absolute pleasure to interview.  The sad thing is I only get to spend a few hours at the most with these people but I try and store the memories along with their words.

I also had the immense privilege to interview Albie Sachs – to some a terrorist but to many a freedom fighter.  The amazing thing was I got to interview him on the very day Government were sitting to decide on passing the dreadful new media laws.  He was unable to officially comment but his face told a thousand words.  But he was confident that the one thing the closest to his heart, the Constitution would ultimately save this bill from going through.  I only hope he is correct.  This interview will be featured very shortly followed closely by CEO of Discovery Health, Adrian Gore.
I still continue to work both in radio and television which certainly keeps me abreast of the incredibly fast changing face of technology and the effect this has on the way we deal with media.  This year will see even more changes in terms of the way we use technology and I know that my iPhone and iPad have totally changed the way I work!

A large project for me this year is ghostwriting (therefore no name) a book on a fascinating Cape Town businessman, who went from below zero to sky high – watch this space…

Once again all the best to everyone for 2012 – make it count!



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