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Surviving The Media Course

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Who is this course aimed at?

There is virtually no organisation today, whatever their size, who find themselves in a situation where they have no need to deal in any way with the media, whether print or electronic. Some companies may find themselves in the media spotlight, when perhaps they had no intention of being there - how do they deal with these sometimes uncomfortable situations? This course is aimed at public relations practitioners, executives and personnel who on occasion or regularly, have to deal with the media.

The aim of the course is to equip the delegate with the skills required to get the most out of any valuable airtime, or print opportunity, whether it be an interview, a feature or business report.

Putting over a corporate message isn't as easy as it sounds for the untrained person. Communication techniques are different from those used on a daily basis.

For those who need intensive radio training

For those of you who are regularly interviewed on 702 Talk Radio or who just want to get over the fear of 'being grilled', I am proud to announce
that Katy Katipodis, News Editor of 702 Talk Radio and one of the finest journalists in South Africa, is available through Media Mentors to put you
through your paces.

Your needs

Each company's needs will naturally differ and to this end this course can be tailor-made to suit your organisation. An initial meeting will be set up to explore just what these needs are and how they can be met to gain maximum benefit. If hard radio interviews are a part of your problem then Media Mentors is proud to offer the expert skills of Katy Katipodis, News Editor of 702 Talk Radio - the leading newsroom in South Africa.

Course Content

  • Getting the media interested in you.
    This will cover just how and where to obtain the relevant media interest.
  • Getting the interview.
    Throwing out the right hook and reaping the rewards. Will a press release do it? Or do you need more?
  • Communication with journalists.
    Understanding just what the media wants and being able to get your message across clearly.
  • What do journalists see as newsworthy?
    Learning to identify what your company has to offer the media and just when to talk to the press.
  • Being interviewed.
    A crucial part of this course. Here the delegates will be taught just how to deal with what can often be a tricky situation. How to be the perfect interviewee. This will cover various types of interview from newspaper and radio to panel situations.
  • The advantages of dealing with radio in South Africa.
  • Getting across clear messages and using the soundbite.
    There's nothing the press like better than someone who gives good 'soundbites' or quotes.
  • Developing your key messages (soundbites)
  • Showing confidence.
    If you're confident or know how to use your 'nerves' for your benefit you're half way there.
  • Mastering the tricky techniques of television.
    How to identify the right members of staff to appear on television and how to maximize this golden opportunity.
  • Learning how to USE the media to your advantage.
    Building relationships with journalists.
  • The pitfalls of being in the media spotlight.
    How to avoid the disastrous result of 'bad interviews'
  • How to use the media for damage control.
    How to handle a crisis effectively.

Duration of the Course

This can be designed as a one or two-day course, depending on your specific needs. Where a television camera is to be used a television cameraman will be made available to film candidates .



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